Monday, April 4, 2011

Sous Chef duties (and blowing-out-the-candle dance)

Each day, the kids have specific jobs for helping out around the kitchen. The most coveted job of all is that of being Sous Chef (helping prepare the food and bring it out). In this short video, it was Brayden's day to be Sous Chef. Here he displays the perfected art of one of the most important duties of this job - the official "blowing out of the candle" at the end of a meal. The kids also exhibit the finer points of the little known, but highly acclaimed, blowing out the candle dance (with Brayden as the lead). For some silly reason, we have started lighting a huge candle that sits in the middle of the table for every meal. The kids can hardly wait for two things: one, when the candle gets so low in the bottle it sits in, a huge anticipation as to whether the candle will fall in the bottle before or after the light gets snuffed out; and two, the ceremony of blowing out the candle. Yes, we are a bit strange, but love it! :-)