Monday, May 20, 2013

Child labor at its best ...

Our neighbors down the street are moving out of state and needed their swingset moved from their backyard before the new owners move in.  Since our swingset is about to fall apart, we were more than happy to dismantle and move it.  Below are some pictures of the process.  It's amazing what some motivated kids and furniture dollies can do.  We were able to keep the set in big pieces and wheel it out the backyard and down the street to its new home.  The hardest part was wheeling it through the grass, out the gate, and to the street.  I'm sure the neighbors got quite a chuckle looking out their window and seeing a crazy dad with seven kids wheeling big edifices down the road to a new home.

Before dismantling

It was much easier on the concrete.
Here we are ready to start wheeling the first big piece.

Hooray, the last piece on its way!