Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Busy Day in Addis Ababa

We were busy being tourists today. In the morning, we went to Entoto Mountain. The view of Addis Ababa from the top of the mountain was beautiful! While there, we visited the museum and old palace, and we learned a lot about Ethiopian history. Then we visited Kids' Care Orphanage, where our children spent the last 2 years of their lives. They asked to go say good-bye to their friends. It was sweet watching them giving their farewell hugs. Everyone did well except for little Brennan. he just wanted us to hold him, and he was happy when we left. After lunch we visited the Ethnographic Museum at Addis Ababa University where we learned more Ethiopian history. The kids were a little bored, but really got excited when we visited the musical instruments room. At the beginning of our museum visit, Brodie came running up to Brennan to share some "news" with him. We realized quickly that what he told him was that there was a lion at the top of the steps. When we made it to the top, Brennan started screaming. It was just a stuffed lion, but Brennan was terrified. We decided then that a visit to the Lion Zoo wasn't going to happen this week. We gave the kids watermelon with dinner tonight. We don't know if they have had it before, but they seemed to really like it. They giggled a lot as they spit out the seeds. We also let them each have 2 bananas which thrilled them. We are so pleased with how well they eat. Tomorrow we get the kids' visas, and in the evening we start our trip home. Please pray for health for all of us, safe travel, and that we can get through customs and immigration in Dallas quickly. Our next blog will be sent when we arrive at home! Thank you again for all the prayers! Please keep praying for us as we transition in to a family of nine. It is going to be a wild ride, but we are very excited!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another Great Day!

We had another great day in Ethiopia. It started with our U.S. Embassy appointment, which went very well. We will receive our kids visas on Friday. Then, we visited the "National Museum of Ethiopia" where we saw the skeleton "Lucy" and learned a little more about Ethiopian history. After that we had lunch. The kids all ordered traditional Ethiopian food, and once again we were amazed by how much they ate. The waiter had to bring more injera bread 4 times! Injera bread is a sponge-like sourdough flatbread that Ethiopians use as a utensil to eat their food. The kids love it! We spent the afternoon at the Transition Home so the kids could say good-bye to all their friends. On the way back to the guest house, we picked up fruit for the kids to eat. When I peeled oranges for them, they were so excited. They acted like kids receiving an amazing present! They were so tired from the day that they barely stayed awake for dinner. Actually, Ava slept through dinner! She crashed on the sofa by the dinner table. We have another big day tomorrow. We plan to do more sightseeing. Thank you again for all your prayers! Please keep them coming! Everything is going better that we could have imagined, and we know it is because our trip is being bathed in prayer! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

They are ours!

We picked up our kids this afternoon. Our agency's transition home staff said the kids were so excited about us coming. Apparently, they kept asking yesterday if our plane had landed yet. Then today they repeatedly asked when we would be arriving. The kids are doing so well. We spent quite a bit of time playing with them at the transition home. We even hung upside down from the jungle gym with them! After we brought them back to the guest house, we gave them showers and put on new clothes. They were so excited about their outfits, but the highlight for all was getting their own new shoes. They each smiled and said, "Thank you" as we gave them their shoes. They ate GREAT at dinner. We had chicken and rice. They all cleaned their plates and more. We are going to have to cook a LOT of food when we are home. Wish we could bring the cook here home with us. He is great! They were also surprised and excited at bedtime when we gave them pajamas to wear. Brennan cried at first because he thought we were taking away his new clothes, but was happy when we showed him they were on the couch. Jon read the Bible before bed. We brought the Amharic/English Bible we bought on our first trip. Blaize read some for us. He read John 3:16 and all the kids recited it together in Amharic. It was precious! They are all hard asleep now. The guest house staff put another bed in the room with Blaize and Brodie, so Ava is in there. They were so excited to all sleep in the same room. Brennan will sleep in a crib in our room. He was crying at bedtime, so we put him in our bed and he quickly fell asleep. We will move him in a few minutes. Tomorrow we get up early for our embassy appointment. Then we will do some sightseeing. Thank you to all for your continued prayers!

Monday, October 25, 2010

We made it!

We made it to Ethiopia! Our trip went very well, and now we are settled in at the guest house. Tomorrow morning (Tuesday), we have a "Paperwork Party" to complete all the paperwork for our U.S. Embassy appointment on Wednesday. In the afternoon tomorrow, we get to pick up our kids and bring them to the guest house. They will be with us for good! We are so excited!!!! Thank you for all your prayers!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Traveling to get our kids!

Praise the Lord! We received final clearance from the U.S. Embassy and are leaving 10/24 and returning 10/30 with our four sweet kiddos!!