Sunday, March 4, 2012

"Typical" days at our house . . .

Brayden describing a "very mean" Satan.
It has been fun to see how the seven kids have grown close together as a family. Especially fun to watch are Brennan and Brayden. Those two act like identical twins. They play for hours together, with conversation at some point shifting toward spiritual matters. It usually has to do with one saying that Satan is very bad and the "mean guys" on earth follow him. The other will then talk about how Jesus is "too much more powerful" and will "bonk" Satan on the head. The last time Brayden went to the dentist, the first words out of his mouth after exchanging pleasantries of how he was doing were, "Satan is very, very mean but Jesus will squash him with one hand." If only I had a video to capture the flabbergasted look the sweet and innocent hygienist had, not knowing what to say. I think she finally said to me, "Okay then, Dad, I guess we'll get started."

Brodie tends to liven up the moment with his words as well. The other day we were driving through the Japanese section of the Botanical Gardens. Upon seeing all the Japanese signs pointing out various portions of the garden, Brodie suddenly exclaimed, "Mommy, why are they here; Japanese people are not allowed in Texas, they are taking our land!"

The supper table is another source of cheap entertainment. New bits of information about what went on in Ethiopia always tend to pop up. Last week, the subject shifted to how they would occasionally get sheep and chickens in the orphanage. Aliyah and Anna initially had pictures in their mind of furry little sheep and clucking chickens as cute pets. These thoughts were quickly shattered as Blaize, Brodie, and Ava went into detail about the method of killing the sheep and chickens and how they would help do this and then wash, cook, and eat the sheep's tongue. We were laughing hard enough for tears to come.

So, anytime you pass by our neck of the woods, we would love to have you stop by and join us. You never know what you may experience.