Monday, September 24, 2012

Brayden describing his accident . . .

We recently returned from a family vacation in Williamsburg, VA.  Jon's parents and Christi's parents (from Kansas & Michigan) met us on the east coast, and all stayed together for a fun week of learning about the founding of America.  On our drive back, Brayden had a bit of an accident in his pants before we could whisk him into a restroom.  After this little episode was rectified, I took a short video of him as he came back in the van.

Following is a bit of history on his informative monologue:
You will hear him recounting how he kept dropping a golf ball.  This happened at the beginning of the week while playing miniature golf.  I told him he could carry his own golf ball to the course, as long as he was careful not to drop it.  Well, the poor guy just couldn't keep hold of it as much as he tried, and he kept saying how silly it was that the ball wouldn't stay in his hands.

Next, he reflects on dropping a sandwich.  This happened while eating a picnic lunch outside.  All of a sudden, half his sandwich popped out of his hand and found the ground.  Sheepishly, he recounted how the other day the same thing was happening with the silly golf ball.

Finally, he couples the whole thing together to include the recent "potty" accident.  Well, it delayed our trip a few minutes, but it was well worth the joy of being entertained by his quizzical explanation!