Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mission Trip Movie Night

We just returned from a mission trip to the Dominican Republic with Christian International Fellowship, Inc. While there, we (Jon, Christi, Blaize, Brodie, and Anna) stayed with our dear friends, Bill and Peg Pearson, who run the mission from their apartment in the middle of Santo Domingo. Their home is an open door to people from all over the city. It is quite common for them to feed 20-30 + people on a given afternoon and/or evening. We had a wonderful trip with many great experiences, both in Santo Domingo and out near the border of Haiti.

One evening after we ate supper, the kids went back to brush their teeth and get PJs on for bed. After a little while, I went to check on them since it was very quiet. Upon arriving, I saw the door closed with the light off and thought, "Wow - they must really be tired if they went to bed on their own already!" As I quietly cracked open the door, this is what I saw: all three kids perched by the window watching a movie from the open window of a room in the adjacent building, sound and all.

The "guilty" party - thoroughly engrossed.

The view out their window to the next building.


  1. Haha - beautiful! They deserved a little entertainment after a good days' work! :-D G'pa & G'ma B

  2. Using this to say that I am so sorry not to have written sooner.HAPPY NEW YEAR to ALL 7 kids and to MOM and DAD from your friend in the Dominican Republic. Finally also contacted my friend APRIL WAREHAM and she will be contacting you on that conversation we had at church. Beautiful Children as Artists, a complete family for the PRAISING of GOD. LOVE YOU. Olga