Monday, March 24, 2014

The Big Bang Theory

The kids went on a field trip to the Perot Museum with friends and had a fantastic time.  At one of the exhibits, a young guide during a break asked our kids what they thought of "The Big Bang Theory."  He meant the TV show.  Of course, none of the kids had heard of this, so they promptly responded how they believed the Bible and what it says about creation.  They said, "Well, the only "Bang" that happened was that God spoke and "Bang!" it happened.  Needless to say, the guide had a bit of a "Oh boy, did I open a can of worms" look.

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  1. I just wrote a long post and it disappeared! Ugh. Basically, I loved this story a bout the kids! I continue to pray for you all. Brian has been a regular church goer for about 3. years now. I know he believes Christ died for his sins, but I don't push for details because he retreats if I do.

    I am doing so much better healthwise! I guess I am finally able to turn it all over to God, and not take it back on the bad days. Unfortunately , no new discoveries, so please pray for healing for me, if it's in God's plan.

    Jennifer is a Junior in college for Surgical Nursing. She is set on going right through to get a Master's degree. I've tried to get her to take time off to see if she even likes it before going to grad school, but she's pretty headstrong. So, we shall see.

    I think of you all often and wish we lived closer. All my love, ANNETTE Engel