Friday, December 9, 2016

Blaize can drive!

Congratulations to Blaize who received his driver's license!  We did the parent-taught Driver's Ed course.  Since I am still somewhat immune to being scared to death from teaching people how to fly back in my flight instructor days, I was the designated parent to teach.
A few months back, we went to the DMV to obtain his learner's license.  Of course, any trip to the DMV is extremely pleasant and zips right along.  Knowing this, I explained to Blaize the importance of having all our paperwork in impeccable order and accuracy.  I showed him the checklist I had made to make sure everything was ready to go before we headed out the door for our jubilant journey.  Upon arriving, we were greeted by a "happy-to-be-there" person who asked us if we had such and such a document to which I replied a confident "yes", since I had followed the fail proof checklist.  As we went to sit down and wait our estimated hour wait, I felt quite confident that I was instilling in my son the true value of being organized for trips such as this.  Then, a sudden adrenaline rush occurred.  I did not have the coveted checklist and folder full of documents in my hand.  Where could it be?  It had to be in the car, because I often put things there that have to go out the next day so that I do not forget them.  I subtly tell Blaize that we need to go outside for a bit.  As we sneak out of the overfilled room of impatiently waiting people, I try to act nonchalant as we pass by the lady checking people in.  As I peer in the car, I realize that there is no folder inside.  Quickly, I call Christi and explain.  She replies, "Oh look - it's sitting right here on your desk."  Then it hits me that as we were heading out the door, I was distracted by something (which, of course, rarely happens in a house of 7 kids) and set down the folder.  I broke the cardinal rule of "having your act together" - you shall not set down an important item that is in hand right before leaving.  Knowing we had an estimated hour wait and knowing it was a half hour drive to home, I tell Blaize to hastily hop in as he was going to get a lesson in how to drive making efficient use of time.  We zip home and Christi is waiting at the end of the driveway as we do not even stop, but grab the folder "baton" and continue on our way in a race against a possibly upset DMV lady.  On the way back, I look at my watch and realize I will need every minute of the estimated hour wait, and continue Blaize's "make haste safely" driving lesson.  Luckily, there is a parking space close to the building.  The whole time I am praying that our name has not been called.  Blaize and I rush to the door, open it, casually sit down, and they call our number!  Of course, everyone in the overstuffed room is giving us a quizzical-evil-eye-type look as we stroll to the processing area.  Their heads are spinning as to why these two guys who just walked in the door get called right away, while they have been waiting forever.  So, as I walk with Blaize to get the learner's permit, I am thanking God for His amazing timing amidst my mistake.  Phew!

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