Monday, October 25, 2010

We made it!

We made it to Ethiopia! Our trip went very well, and now we are settled in at the guest house. Tomorrow morning (Tuesday), we have a "Paperwork Party" to complete all the paperwork for our U.S. Embassy appointment on Wednesday. In the afternoon tomorrow, we get to pick up our kids and bring them to the guest house. They will be with us for good! We are so excited!!!! Thank you for all your prayers!


  1. Yay! I have been thinking of you all day! I am so glad you made it safely!

  2. There is rejoicing in the heavenly realm! Not only will your children soon have an earthly father (and mother) to be with them, but they will also be surrounded by the knowledge and love of their heavenly Father!!! Remember your struggle is not against flesh and blood as your transition begins. Keep your eyes fixed on the author and perfector of your faith when things are challenging. We love you! The Smiths