Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another Great Day!

We had another great day in Ethiopia. It started with our U.S. Embassy appointment, which went very well. We will receive our kids visas on Friday. Then, we visited the "National Museum of Ethiopia" where we saw the skeleton "Lucy" and learned a little more about Ethiopian history. After that we had lunch. The kids all ordered traditional Ethiopian food, and once again we were amazed by how much they ate. The waiter had to bring more injera bread 4 times! Injera bread is a sponge-like sourdough flatbread that Ethiopians use as a utensil to eat their food. The kids love it! We spent the afternoon at the Transition Home so the kids could say good-bye to all their friends. On the way back to the guest house, we picked up fruit for the kids to eat. When I peeled oranges for them, they were so excited. They acted like kids receiving an amazing present! They were so tired from the day that they barely stayed awake for dinner. Actually, Ava slept through dinner! She crashed on the sofa by the dinner table. We have another big day tomorrow. We plan to do more sightseeing. Thank you again for all your prayers! Please keep them coming! Everything is going better that we could have imagined, and we know it is because our trip is being bathed in prayer! THANK YOU!!!!!!!


  1. I am loving reading your stories of how excited the kids are!! God is weaving your family into a beautiful tapestry! Can't wait to hear more of what He is doing!

    the Gowins

  2. Every one of your posts just makes me smile! God is SOOO good! We will keep praying you home!