Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bike Riding 101

This video clip of pictures shows how our backyard was transformed into a bike riding acadamy . . . among other things.


  1. I'm so glad (& impressed!!) that you're keeping up with these great updates and pictures! It's hard to get a hold of you guys by phone (hmmm...wonder why!?) so it's AWESOME to get the latest scoop in this way. LOVE it that your camera is always ready! (Well, except for the moment Brodie was going to take the bike down the slide! Jon, I think you made the right choice to just yell STOP!) :-) - Lisa

  2. I'm also excited to see your updates! Thanks for taking the time out of your incredibly busy days to let those of us so far away get a peek at the precious children you have been blessed with.
    -- Rita